• Cloud kitchens, also Known as ghost kitchens, focus on food preparation and delivery without Outlet or dine-in facility.
  • Orders were placed through popular food ordering app like- Swiggy, Zomato.
  • The low overhead expenses and minimal investment in physical space make it an attractive business model for entrepreneurs.
  • The convenience of Food order and delivery service is growing as people engage and prefer delivery options.
  • Cloud kitchens are also known as virtual restaurants or dark kitchens


  • Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs) is the term for fast food restaurants segment.
  • The menu mainly includes mainly fast food items such as burgers, fries, sandwiches, etc.
  • Low investment rate, primarily focused on takeaway services with minimal table service.
  • High demand for fast food has made QSRs a popular business model, by the increasing search trend on Google.
  • The convenience and speed of service offered by QSRs is a significant factor in their appeal to consumers get quick meals.


  • Cafes are self-serving restaurants with a focus on atmosphere and interiors.
  • Investment in interiors Differ, with the ambiance considered an important part for the dining experience.
  • The food is served by waiters at cafes.
  • Cafes are growing in popularity as casual dining options for customers seeking a cozy atmosphere and variety of food and drink options, as indicated by the increasing search trend on Google.
  • Cafe franchises are gaining popularity as they offer a unique and attractive dining experience


  • Customers looking for a full dining experience are choosing complete restaurants as a dining option.
  • Entire restaurants provide a complete dining experience with a wide choice of menu options.
  • A full-service restaurant’s interiors and ambience are seen to be an important part of the whole dining experience.
  • For investors who are looking for continuity and profitability in the food industry, full-service restaurants are a well-liked investment opportunity.
  • Full-service restaurants serving fine dining customers are all well to deliver a beautiful dining experience due to a staff of professionals who provide 360° service.


  • Customers at Cafe Bistro choose from a choice of unique dishes on menu, making for a memorable dining experience.
  • In the food business, Cafe Bistro is a very desirable model due to its stylish ambiance and good meals.
  • Customers come to Cafe Bistro because of its amazing ambiance and well-designed exterior and interior.
  • Customers at Cafe Bistro receive from a team of professionals who will provide leading service and support, making for a pleasant dining experience.
  • The Cafe Bistro menu is defined by its high food quality and gives a unique taste and feel for each item.


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